After seeing Yintao's mansion, I understand why 5 million people envy her life.
After seeing Yintao's mansion, I understand why 5 million people envy her life.
At 43, she is still running in her love.


A movie "the World" has made countless people cry.

this, with the success of Yintao, her hundreds of millions of luxury houses can no longer be hidden!

when everyone is holding her home will be packed with all kinds of expensive furniture, products look forward to open this set of pictures, but did not think that this "luxury house" seems to be a bit special.

is this the home of "after vision"?

it is true that people who love flowers know more about life.

Yintao is.

she is so fond of flowers and plants that she simply loves them to the bone.

so she gave up the bustling city center and bought a duplex in the mountains on the outskirts of Beijing.

what she likes most about the house is that there is a big courtyard at the door.

for us who are lost in high-rise buildings all day long, who doesn't want to have their own courtyard, flowers as fences, poetic walls, smell the fragrance of a courtyard.

in spring, the flowers in the yard bloom one after another. In a fragrance, watch the pre-court flowers blossom all over the sky.

in summer, the flowers in the yard are at their most beautiful.

it is happy to prune, disinfect, water and loosen the soil for these flowers and trees even in the sun.

in autumn, the yellowing leaves fall sparsely, which is the farewell of the year, and also with the expectation of the coming year.

then he leaned lazily in the corner of the courtyard and the sun warmed himself.

A garden, though small, is full of love.

but how is that enough?

walk into her house and you can see how much a woman can love flowers!

at the entrance door, there is a semicircular table for flowers.

this pot has a flabby bouquet, which feels like a perfect match against the hand-woven blanket on the wall.

enter the living room--

compared with the luxury houses of other stars, the Yintao home that comes into view, you may feel a little simple.

there are no special and high-tech products, but a few green plants are eye-catching.

then go to the kitchen--

the minimalist style of dark brown unexpectedly matches the emerald green bamboo.

in the vase on the Nakajima stage, a bouquet of flowers is changed every few days.

for people who love flowers, while cooking, you can still see your favorite flowers and plants. This process will also feel very comfortable and beautiful.

sit in a restaurant and eat--

there is still a bottle of flowers on the wooden dining table, which adds some elegance and serenity to life.

if you have a friend as a guest, have a cup of hot tea here and have a nice chat.

In short, flowers and plants can be seen everywhere in her home, just like an immersive garden.

and these flowers and plants are also picked by her in the garden, and then match and put them according to her own preferences, filling her home bit by bit.

people who don't understand say, isn't this just a rural house?

and those who understand her understand that this seemingly unluxurious mansion has long been better than luxury.

Let's not say that these plants are worth millions of dollars in total. In the days when they were out of sight, Yin Tao has been living the life he likes with all his heart.

some people say that she has finally become a celebrity in the past two years.

but whether it is red or not, it may not be so important to her.

Hall-level actresses whose focus is not on "Red"

in December 1979, Yin Tao was born in a military family in Chongqing.

and she sounds like a clever name, but in fact, when my father saw her mother eating cherries, he suddenly had an idea and got the beautiful name Yintao.

maybe Yintao, who inherited his parents' artistic genes, showed proud artistic talent at a young age.

At the age of 17, Yintao was successfully admitted to Chongqing Art School.

in 1999, he was admitted to the Drama Department of the PLA Academy of Arts with the first good result in the country.

at that time, Shen Teng, a classmate, was not yet an actor at the box office, but she had a pleasant journey.

when he graduated, he was chosen at first sight by Gao Xixi and played the first TV debut in his life, "the Sky of History".

the starting point is high and the threshold is also high.

this starting point made Yintao suffer a lot.

NG time and time again, Yintao, a newcomer, was scolded: "I have worked with your school so many times, but I have never been disappointed."

she was a top student in her class, and the psychological gap was self-evident, but I didn't expect that the little girl didn't look so weak.

since he has poor experience, he should seize all the opportunities to learn. After filming his own part, Yin Tao stayed on the set, moved a small bench, sat and watched his predecessors perform, even an experienced group performance.

opportunities are always left to those who are prepared.

after working like this for a few years, Yintao's play can be said to be a hit.

in the Wenzhou Family, she is Zhou Ayu, who lacks love and becomes self-reliant from an early age.

in "taking the wrong bus", she is a complex "May";

in Yan'an Love, she is a pure and beautiful progressive youth "Su Zhen";

in "Love broke up", she is gentle, patient and even cowardly "Dong Xiaohan";

"Yang GuifeiIn the Secret History, she is a charming beauty "Yang Yuhuan";

it can be seen that Yintao has a wide range of characters and ages.

the feminine can act, the strong can act; the young girl can act, so can the old lady.

when others think that she is suitable for the sunny "good girl" role, she thinks that actors are most afraid of being defined.

"I don't seem to have any definition or restriction in choosing roles. I think whatever attracts me. I like characters with blood, flesh, bones and bones, not white lotus flowers."

2017, Magnolia Award of the 23rd Shanghai Television Festival.

A film "Chicken feathers fly to the Heaven" let Zhang Yintao win the best actor and actress. In his acceptance speech, Zhang said: "without Luo Yuzhu of Yintao, there would be no Chen Jianghe translated by Zhang."

and Yintao has also become a "post-viewing" slam of one of the few TV series awards in Chinese film and television history.

generally speaking, Yin Tao should mix better with this kind of curry position.

this is why many people wonder why there has been no fire for such a good actor.

look back at some popular actresses and announce one after another, but she seldom sees interviews outside her roles:

"as an actor, you can talk about your plays. Apart from the works, I'm not sure what to say."

see here, you may also have the answer.

she is unwilling and will not cater to the market, but is bent on taking a solid actor step by step in her own rhythm.

being beautiful is luck

living a beautiful life is a skill

indeed, I have never seen a more low-key actress than Yintao.

keep a low profile until when she got divorced, people didn't know she was married.

she has been passionately living a colorful life, and she has spent all her luck to make the future go smoothly.

since luck doesn't come to you, fill your sugar jar with little luck.

there are not a few actresses out of the circle because of their good figure, but Yin Tao is the first one who looks straight at me as a woman.

I still remember the moving picture of opening the door, with a graceful back figure and positive vitality.

for a moment, I really thought it was the new floret. How could such a Yintao be equated with the age of 43?

although Yintao has never been fat, being thin and being in good shape are two different things.

in order to keep a tight figure, she spends several hours in the gym whenever she has time.

I like to travel, flowers and the sea are indispensable.

keep challenging herself, young people are deterred from surfing, and she is especially good at it.

when you have nothing to do at home, meditate and relax.

I prefer to study delicious food by myself rather than takeout.

perhaps, in the eyes of others, it is a pity that Yintao, who is already 43 years old, still does not have a shoulder to rely on.

she responded chic, people's concern for her love life: "as long as I want to marry, I can do it at any time."

maybe, in the eyes of others, "the elder sister who braved the wind and waves" is the trend of the new era, and the sisters have finally fought a turnaround.

faced with such a question, she asked directly, "when have sisters ever fallen down?"

43 years old, but the second 20-year-old has just begun.

in the face of feelings, she is no longer as hasty as she was when she was young, but still believes in love.

in the face of the framework brought about by age, she dared to confront it head on.

dare to wear a beautiful bikini.

gentle and powerful is the most suitable description I can think of for her.

43 years old, she is still running in her love.

what is confidence? This is the strength!