After seeing all kinds of people on the highway, I found that this city, which did not have a hot search, carried so much!
After seeing all kinds of people on the highway, I found that this city, which did not have a hot search, carried so much!
We share the same blood, and we have the same passion in our hearts.

since the beginning of the year, the epidemic has been raging repeatedly.

most people are carried by life and move forward with a heavy load.

Nucleic acid from day to day,

keep a job

anxiety, unbearable mental pressure.

behind this, there is a feeble sigh.

among thousands of sighs, their voices are rarely heard.

that is the truck drivers who go everywhere.

there is only a life without poetry in the distance, and few people know what happened to them.

Master Tao, the driver of a large truck, pulled a truckload of small goods to be delivered to his destination. as a result, the highway was closed due to the epidemic, and Master Tao was blocked in front of the highway intersection for two weeks.

for 14 days, Master Tao ate and drank Lhasa in the car.

at first, there was takeout to solve the problem of food and clothing, but then it was suspended.

Master Tao can only ask nearby residents for help and buy some instant noodles to make ends meet.

seeing "the end of the mountain", Master Tao wanted to turn around and return, but the owner said bluntly that if he pulled back, the freight would not be settled.

after an ideological struggle, he chose to wait.

Ms. Liu, the truck driver, was stuck for seven days and could only eat instant noodles. Even the dog in the car couldn't stand it. As soon as she got on the bus, her head hung down and there was no life at all.

such embarrassment is not uncommon among truck drivers.

they travel day and night regardless of cold and summer, in order to live in the wind and rain.

the unpredictability of the epidemic is like an invisible sword hanging over the head of every driver, and the slightest carelessness will block their way of survival.

as people who transfuse blood for the city, they can't stop.

so who can help them?

the most desperate moment, this city let me see the sparkle of human nature.

it is one of the important comprehensive transportation hubs in the country.

it has an expressway with a total distance of more than 630 kilometers, and its expressway network density reaches 9.56 kilometers per 100 square kilometers, ranking first in the country.

the average daily flow of cars is as high as 450000.

it is Nanjing.

in the situation where the outbreak of the epidemic continues to cause drivers to be stranded on the highway, "Nanjing Yiju

"make people extra special


this video about Nanjing Toll Station made countless netizens break through their defenses.

A couple of drivers dared not stop all the way, let alone get out of the car when they were hungry. After arriving at Nanzhuang Toll Station in Nanjing, they were so hungry that they had their breasts glued to their backs.

during his impatience, he unexpectedly received a warm heart material from the epidemic prevention personnel at the scene.

on the highway, two Dabai are riding electric bikes, bringing instant noodles and water to hungry drivers.

urgent drivers should put the needs of the people first. This is the temperature and care that should be provided in the fight against the epidemic.

Nanjing has prepared 10,000 warm-hearted gift bags like this.

the barreled instant noodles in the gift bag eliminates the trouble for drivers to look for pots and pans everywhere on the highway.

Babao porridge, ham sausage and milk can better replenish drivers' physical strength.

there are also daily epidemic prevention materials such as masks, sterilized paper towels, and even antigen detection kits.

simple and simple gift bags are all the most authentic warmth.

for truck drivers, in addition to food and clothing, the most practical help is to deliver supplies smoothly.


on the way home.

but the across-the-board actions of many cities put drivers in a dilemma.

and Nanjing, which did not refuse any outsiders or vehicles, this intelligent first-tier city, chose to make real efforts in every link of the epidemic fight


as early as March 28, Nanjing launched the "Ningchangyun" system.

truck drivers in Laining only need to make an appointment in "Ningchangyun" 24 hours in advance to successfully follow the process on arrival.

even truck drivers in Laining, a medium-and high-risk area, will arrange for epidemic prevention personnel to wait for inspection.

"one-to-one" closed-loop guidance and management not only reduces risk propagation, but also speeds up efficiency.

for truck drivers, time is money.

all drivers only need to register once before coming to Nanjing, and there is no complicated inspection process.

in order to share the pressure of the epidemic, Nanjing has opened as much as possible, and even opened all the channels to Shanghai that were once closed.

at present, "Ningchangyun" has received a total of 244000 applications, and countless have not applied. In spite of this, there has not been a high-speed detention in Nanjing.

this is undoubtedly the most effective way for truck drivers to survive.

and when large ships call at Nanjing, there is no need to worry about finding a place to make nucleic acid.

because Nanjing has creatively set up nucleic acid testing sites on docks and berths, the crew can test them free of charge on the side of the ship.

keep this city, but also to warm you in the rush, this unknown "Ning-style warmth", is really out of mind!

Nanjing, the capital of fraternity, has never been a slogan and propaganda, but a real pragmatic humanistic care!

not long ago, the "suicide distribution" of an e-commerce logistics company reached the top, which was praised by countless netizens.

nine people and seven material trucks arrived in Shanghai safely after eight hours.

"after we arrived, we closed and managed in the cab for more than 6 hours. after unloading the cargo, we returned to Nanjing according to the designated route.

drink less water along the way, eat bread when you are hungry, and concentrate on quarantine for another 14 days after completing the task. "

for captain Sheng Chuanyin, the so-called "suicide distribution" has long been accustomed to. They need to transport 300 tons of materials to Shanghai every three days, and more than 20,000 tons have been transported so far.

but he didn't write his name on the merit book, there was no place on the hot search, and there were no praises from netizens.

but they rushed to the front without hesitation because of their duty and goodwill towards the people and the city.

this is a truck driver in Nanjing and a microcosm of Nanjing.

for three years of the epidemic, South Kyoto has been moving forward in silence, regardless of whether it is supported by foreign countries or persisted at home.

the voice of this city is seldom heard.

as the capital of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing is often jokingly called "Huijing", which is not remembered or praised.

there are few voices praising Nanjing in Su Daqiang.

but this does not stop the enthusiastic heart of Nanjing.

"name him Ningbao."

"when the child grows up, we will also tell him this extraordinary experience, hoping that he will grow up slowly under the protection of everyone."

the mother-to-be Xiao Hu, who was transported across provinces from Shanghai to Nanjing, arrived less than two weeks before the due date and could give birth at any time.

after knowing this, Nanjing first Hospital urgently arranged an isolation ward and accompanied Xiao Hu's family together.

doctors and nurses watched day and night for 13 days, and finally ushered in a little boy of eight pounds or two.

regardless of where it comes from, regardless of risks, Nanjing is always trying its best to protect every life.

Jia Ying, a nurse in Nanjing and a member of the Fang cabin team of Jiangsu rescue medical team, lied on the phone that she was still in Nanjing in order to avoid her parents' worries.

when her parents who worked in Shanghai were separated from the square cabin, they also chose to hide it.

after learning about the accident, Jia Ying said, "Don't be afraid of Mom and Dad. I'm in the cabin, too."

give up one's life and move forward silently. He is from Nanjing and is from Nanjing.

on April 22, two kidney transplants were performed in the first affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University to treat two uremic patients.

the kidney source is a patient with intracerebral hemorrhage who donated organs, and kidney transport is very difficult because of the epidemic situation.

after Nanjing Transportation Department knew about it, it immediately relayed with Suqian and Suzhou, and carried out closed-loop safety escorts throughout the process.

finally ensured the smooth progress of the operation,

the patient is safe and sound.

the epidemic is ruthless, but Nanjing still cherishes fraternity under the epidemic.

you may have heard that Nanjing is a big radish.

but Nanjing does not explain or refute it, but uses practical actions to prove it.

proves that this is a city full of cultural details, full of human feelings and leisurely thinking.

since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, Nanjing Gulou Hospital has sent 28 batches of 3043 medical personnel to support Shanghai and Suzhou.

102 medical staff from the second affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University formed a medical team from Jiangsu Province to assist Shanghai;

in order to alleviate the pressure of epidemic prevention in Shanghai, Nanjing started the construction of four square cabin hospitals to receive quarantined personnel in Shanghai.



righteousness; internally, Nanjing is more humanized and warm, and has been put into practice in all aspects.

in order to let the elderly "run fewer errands", mobile vaccination vehicles are driven into remote rural areas in Nanjing streets to deliver seedlings to their homes.

during the isolation of the community, some patients need hemodialysis, and the CDC immediately coordinated and arranged a transfer vehicle to send the patients to the hospital for treatment, and arranged for personnel to accompany them throughout the process.

in Nanjing, human feelings are always paramount and life is paramount.

epidemic prevention personnel will also connect the hairy children to the "pet hotel" and monitor them 24 hours a day for "parents


feel free to isolate.

No matter how small life is, it is well guarded.

when the epidemic broke out in Jiangning, in order to prevent and control, Nanjing completed nucleic acid testing for 1.926 million people in one day.

even ten street isolation hotels in Jiangning area have been arranged, and the medical staff are fully armed and ready to go online.

this is the Nanjing speed and also the Chinese speed.

Nanjing is a low-key city, do not promote, do not compete, do everything in a down-to-earth manner, so that everyone living in this city can experience warmth and goodwill.

people from all over the world gather the stories of ups and downs, and finally slowly precipitate into the thickness of Nanjing.

this is a city full of warmth and warmth, and it is also a city that can create miracles.

the speed, human feelings, responsibilities and responsibilities of Nanjing are engraved in the bones of every Nanjing resident.

they love the city deeply, full of hope and enthusiasm, and love the land and its people.

No wonder Nanjing has been named "the happiest city in China" for 10 years in a row.

if you can, please come to Nanjing after the epidemic.

this one is full of humanity and fireworks.The city is poetic step by step.

you can go to the Qinhuai River to watch the oar sound and light shadow, and to Gujiming Temple to enjoy the cherry blossoms




you can pass by the quiet Summer Road and see the French sycamore swaying in the wind.

you can climb Qixia Mountain and watch the smart red maple fighting for spring.

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you can also go into the afternoon at Pioneer Bookstore, read a book and drink a cup of tea to stop your hurried life.

Jiangnan Beautiful Land, Jinling Imperial State.

the story of Nanjing continues, warmth and love

is still going on.

praise for Zhong Ling Yuxiu and Nanjing, which is full of fetal spirit,

Nanjing temperature and Nanjing power deserve to be seen by more people!


cheer for our compatriots who are fighting the epidemic, because

We share the same blood, and we have the same passion in our hearts.

May the epidemic dissipate as soon as possible,

the mountains and rivers are safe, all the world is safe!