After middle age, never show off this in your moments.
After middle age, never show off this in your moments.
People live a lifetime, low-key, is a kind of wisdom.


I have read such a sentence: "those who cut down themselves are useless, and those who are self-reserved are not long."


if you have experienced more in this life, you can naturally see through the truth of life.

people who are really good are often very low-key, never conceited and complacent, and treat others politely.

and confused people, with a little achievement, want to be known to everyone, and treat others arrogantly and domineering.

A man with a rich heart never shows off what he has. The more he shows off, the less he lacks.

people's experience and state of mind are the greatest wealth in a lifetime. In middle age, don't show off these things everywhere.

swagger, show off wealth

Ibsen once said: "money can be the shell of many things, but not the fruit inside."


No matter how much wealth a person has, it is only fleeting, and what he can really enjoy is only 1/10000.

such a story is recorded in Historical Records.

after the Hongmen Banquet between Xiang Yu and Liu Bang, they burned down the Qin palace, robbed countless treasures, and planned to return to their hometown in Jiangdong.

A man persuaded him when he saw this: "Guanzhong has dangerous mountains and rivers, and the land is fertile. You can build a capital here to dominate."

but Xiang Yu disagreed and said:

"I am rich now. If I don't go back to my hometown, it will be like walking in the dark in beautiful clothes. Who can know my achievements?"

so Xiang Yu set out to the east with treasures.

the 400000 army was surrounded by the triumphant Xiang Yu, followed by a long motorcade, envied by everyone wherever he went, and exerted all his authority along the way.

someone once commented on Xiang Yu: Xiang Yu used to be a monkey. When he became the overlord of Western Chu, he had a lot of treasures, but he was still a monkey, only wearing a human hat.

this is the story of "bathing monkeys and crowning monkeys".

one of the most terrible things in the world is that "the poor are suddenly rich". Money is not terrible, but the terrible thing is people's attitude towards wealth.

money and power sometimes inflate people's hearts and forget who they are, but no matter how much wealth they have, it will be something outside the body.

people who are really strong in heart never need the decoration of these things, because they are sober enough to understand that money is just a means to make themselves better.

when a person has wealth, the most important thing to do is to have the courage and ability to keep the wealth and live more freely.

put on airs and show off knowledge

the writer Maugham wrote this paragraph:

"what you have to overcome is your vanity, your desire to show off, and the cleverness you have to deal with when you want to rush out and be in the limelight."

there is such a joke:

one day, a doctor took a boat to enjoy the scenery. On the boat, the doctor asked the fisherman, "do you know anything about biology?"

when the fisherman said no, the doctor said, "then you will lose 1/4 of your life."

after a while, the doctor asked, "do you know philosophy?" The fisherman still won't.

after a while, the doctor asked, "do you know anything about science?" The fisherman still said no.

just then, the strong wind made a mess, bringing in a huge wave.

the fisherman asked the doctor, "can you swim?" The doctor said no.

the fisherman said, "then your life will be over!"

although it is a joke, it also reflects the mentality of many people in life, but after learning something, they show off their complacency.

people often say that "learning is boundless


, open-minded people use knowledge to spur themselves, guilty people use knowledge to show off.

it is written in Shangshu that "full of losses, modest benefits


always showing off your knowledge will not be respected by others, but will show your ignorance and stupidity.

the purpose of learning is not to boast and show off, but to find the truth, wash the soul and enlighten wisdom.

people who are really knowledgeable tend to keep a low profile and are modest and never talk about knowledge.

such people tend to recognize themselves more clearly, do not overestimate themselves, do not underestimate others, and maintain humility all the time.

in this life, people should know how to accumulate strength and keep a low profile in order to consolidate the foundation and make themselves go farther and see farther.

blow your own trumpet and show off your career

there is a question on Zhihu: "how to see through a person?"

there is an answer at the bottom that says:

"you want to know what a person lacks in his heart, nothing else, but what he shows off; you want to know what a person has inferiority complex and what he hides without looking at anything else."

is deeply impressed by this.

the more a person craves something, the more he wants to tell the world after he gets it.

colleague Xiao Li is the backbone of the company. because of his good performance, he is highly valued by the leader and promoted to manager.

after becoming a manager, he, who is already proud of his performance, becomes more and more proud, always boasting in front of othersHow capable.

in the face of some small mistakes made by colleagues, he always preaches in an experienced manner, and he is always superior to new employees.

over time, people in the company stayed away from him, but he disagreed, still thinking that he had a successful career and that others should respect him.

before long, the company took a big order and handed it to Xiao Li. It was supposed to be something that needed many people to cooperate with, but no one was willing to help Xiao Li.

Xiao Li, who worked on the project alone, finally made a mistake, which caused irreparable losses to the company.

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since then, Xiao Li has been like a deflated ball, never recovered, and later volunteered to leave.

there are also many such people in life who are eager to tell the world when they have made achievements in their work and always bring the topic to their careers when chatting with others.

such people are nothing more than vanity and want to be flattered by others.

but in fact, people only care about their own life, no one really cares about your career.

truly excellent people never need to show off their achievements, but calm down and strive to improve.

when a tree no longer shows off its luxuriant branches, but takes deep roots in the soil, it really has depth.

Zhou Guoping once said:

"all the extraordinary things in the world will eventually return to the ordinary, and their value must be measured by the ordinary life."

greatness, brilliance and success are nothing. Only by living a truly good ordinary life can life be complete. "

people live a lifetime, low profile, is a kind of wisdom, humility, is a kind of character.

know that weakness and ignorance are not obstacles to survival, arrogance is.

, the years are in a hurry, may you and I all keep the Pure Land and live freely and easily.