Adult Love: transferring money and marrying you
Adult Love: transferring money and marrying you
If a man is kind, heaven will not deceive him.

I saw a video this morning of a girl breaking up with her boyfriend.

in the video, it was supposed to be the seventh anniversary of the relationship between the two people, but the girl was left alone.

she went to many of the places they used to visit over the years by herself.

she bought herself two tulips and a small cake.

she said:

"these two flowers have a total of 25 yuan. You always said you would give them to me, but you didn't send them until we separated."

seven years of love, survived the long-distance relationship, survived countless on-off and on-off, and finally failed to enter the marriage as promised.

the song she said she would sing to him at the wedding scene, now she can only sing it to the camera alone.

watching the whole video, I feel infinitely sad and sighed.

Adult love, honeyed words and promises of love are so fragile that they simply cannot stand the test of time.

No wonder some people say:

"Adult love, either transfer money or marry you. Other than that, it's all bullshit! "

my friend Yuanyuan also broke up with her boyfriend last week.

the reason for their separation is very realistic, because the boys' families can't afford betrothal gifts.

but every time he mentions this topic, his boyfriend looks indifferent or even evasive.

he always said that it was still early, or that his family was financially poor and could not come up with so much money.

Yuanyuan's parents originally ordered a bride price of 100,000 yuan, but Yuanyuan repeatedly pleaded that the conditions in her boyfriend's family were not very good, so don't embarrass them too much.

under her soft and hard bubbles, her parents also let go, as long as 80,000, not 100,000.

Mom said to her:

"We want the money, not for ourselves. It's for you. I hope you can use this money to do something for your new family after you get married. You should also take a look at their attitude. "

but it's a pity that the man's family won't even give him 80,000 yuan.

they have been together for three or four years, and Yuanyuan has almost never accepted the money paid by boys.

every time they have dinner on a date, it's AA. During the holidays, WeChat red packet, whom he gave to Yuanyuan, never exceeded a hundred yuan at a time.

Yuanyuan said:

"in fact, I'm not really looking for money when I'm with him. My family wants betrothal gifts, and I just want to see his attitude."

I told her that you were right even if you wanted his money.

they are all adults, and love cannot be affectionate and full. It is normal to talk about money. There is no need to be ashamed of it.

True love needs to be soaked in firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, needs bread, and needs to consider food, clothing, housing and transportation.

it is impossible for two people to live with love alone.

now I increasingly believe that love without consideration of marriage is as shallow and stupid as love without consideration of money.

if a person really loves you, he will not only take the initiative to talk to you about money, but also take the initiative to plan you into the future and give you a home and home.

their mutual friend revealed that du Haitao proposed a long time ago.

he was ready to marry her home and give her a home.

when I saw the hot search on Weibo that day, I suddenly thought of Huang Zongze and Hu Xinger. They had been together for seven or eight years, and the boys also knew how much the girls looked forward to marriage, but they never took any action.

and Ji Lingchen and Ji Qingzi, the boy swore that he would marry a girl when she was 30.

but the girl is 30 years old, waiting for a sentence: you have loved the sea, I have loved you.

the writer Yi Shu once said that whenever a man proposes to marry, it is a man's highest respect for a woman's love.

if you don't have a lot of money, you have to have a lot of love.

if there is neither, this kind of love is like a bamboo basket fetching water, resulting in nothing.

as long as he is someone who really loves you, even if he doesn't need you to beat around the bush, he will take the initiative to discuss marriage with you when the relationship is in place.

because I really like someone, I want to have a future with her and have the rest of my life.

"some people say that it is normal to encounter love and money in one's life. Only understanding is valuable. I think this is ridiculous. In many cases, understanding is important, but love and money are more important."

Love and money have never been a contradictory relationship.

people who love you are not only willing to spend money for you, but also willing to give you more time and love.

firewood, rice, oil and salt coexist with romance, three meals a day and gentle romance, you can have western food together in suits and shoes, or slippers and shorts can take you to a roadside stall.

your name is on the hukou book, and I am willing to give you your home key and salary card for the rest of my life.

if such a person says he loves you, it is worth your life.

, I hope you can meet someone who loves you like this and spend the rest of your life with him.

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