A woman's attitude towards money determines the height of her life.
A woman's attitude towards money determines the height of her life.
A woman who can make money and manage money will never be too bad.

there are books


in the TV series "Mingshu", there is a classic line:

"money is a woman's only right in this world. Take it as a comfort and a dream.

one day, money, a considerable sum of money, will set you free. "

indeed, money is a woman who has the greatest strength in this world.

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making a living before making love is a woman's greatest sobriety.

A woman's attitude towards money determines the height of her life.

rich women have the ability to resist risks

listen to a person called

@ Guaman

bloggers have shared a personal experience:

she has been regarded as an "outlier" since she first started her work.

because most of the friends around us, almost all of them are moonlight clans, they practice that "if you are young, you must have fun in time."

spend as much as you have, either go shopping or go to a party on weekends.

only she seems to have "fallen into the eye of money". In addition to her job, she also makes money part-time in her spare time.

for this reason, many people made fun of her and said:

"Why are you making so much money? aren't you waiting for the rice to be boiled?"

however, friends around her move frequently, and when she complains to the landlord, she has saved enough down payment to buy the first apartment in her life.

when Grandma fell ill and the doctors in the small county were at a loss, she immediately asked her family to pack their bags and took her grandmother to the best hospital in Shanghai.

during her grandmother's treatment and recovery, she learned one thing: she didn't save money, but her grandmother's life.

she is always grateful to herself who worked hard to make money in those years, giving her the ability to resist risks and the strength to protect herself and her family.

Oscar Wilde said:

"when I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world.

now that I am old, I know that this is true. "

money is a man's courage, sometimes it is light and light, and it is difficult to take an inch without it.

especially when you come to this world, no one can have a smooth life all his life.

when there is an unexpected attack, money is the most powerful weapon against risk.

looking back on the years since the outbreak of the epidemic, people have a deep sense of the changeability and impermanence of the world.

money may not completely save you from misfortune when you are at risk.

but it will certainly give you some cushion or breathing room, so that you will not be defenseless.

A stable life is never waited for, but earned by oneself.

A rich woman can not only give herself sense of security, but also give her family a guarantee.

A rich woman has the right to choose

Chinese actress Liu Yuling once said something with countless fans:

"I work hard to save money, which I call 'screw you' funds.

if you have this money, when something happens, or someone forces you or dismisses you, you can bravely say 'screw you' to them. "

the so-called sense of security, but that's it.

have the right to refuse bravely when they encounter injustice;

when you want to turn around and leave, you have more choices;

when aggrieved, he has the courage not to attach himself to anyone.

remember the scene in "perfect relationship" in which Stella confronted the other woman's house after finding out that her husband was having an affair?

instead of quarrelling hysterically or hanging herself three times, she calmly and gracefully came to the door to collect evidence.

in the face of the "eviction order" from the other woman, she responded confidently and gracefully:

"my husband rented this house for you, right?

you don't have to deny it. I've seen the bill. How else do you think I found it?

in my home, I can leave whenever I want. "

A few words delighted the audience.

this is the strength Stella has been given by economic independence.

she doesn't have to depend on anyone to survive, and even if she does lose her marriage, she won't be unable to live because of it.

therefore, she can be more pure in the emotional world, wholeheartedly when she is in love;

once you have been betrayed, you can turn around and walk away.

written in the Cambrian:

"if the economy cannot be independent, there is no need to talk about anything. Food, clothing, housing and transportation rely entirely on handouts from others, but they keep saying that they do not want to be accessories."

money is the best refuge for a woman. Rich women no longer have to be trapped by material things and make concessions in order to survive.

behind that money, there is freedom and the right to choose.

can make women love freely and live freely and comfortably in this mundane world.

A rich woman has the strength to invest in herself

Yi Shu wrote in the first half of my Life:

"the person I admire most is myself, and only I will help myself through mountain after mountain and overcome difficulties again and again."

Yes, people's life is so long, but along the way, people come.To, only you, can accompany you to the end.

A woman should spend all her time and energy on herself instead of trying her best to please others.

investing in yourself and constantly adding value to yourself is the most profitable business in the world.

when you live a wonderful life, why worry about the breeze?

in the inspirational drama Shanghai Women's Guide, Luo Haiyan, who just entered the workplace, stuttered in English and unexpectedly lost the opportunity to connect with foreign customers.

her boss immediately asked her to call her colleague Kate to take over her job, and Kate greeted her clients kindly as soon as she arrived.

made a joke in fluent English, warmed up the atmosphere in a few words, and finally succeeded in getting rid of the customer.

Haiyan looked at the generous Kate and was filled with envy.

at the suggestion of her colleagues, she quickly went to a cram school for adult English, trying to make up for her shortcomings.

the tuition fee of the cram school is not a small sum, but Haiyan paid by credit card.

it was the planned savings that gave her the opportunity to add value to herself, and these investments would not be wasted.

her English has been greatly improved, and she has gradually been able to communicate smoothly and laugh with foreign customers, thus getting more job opportunities.

I have heard a sentence:

"the highest way for a woman to save money and make money is to invest in herself.

spend your time and energy on things that add value to you in order to make yourself more valuable. "

it is like ploughing in spring, ploughing in summer, harvesting in autumn and hiding in winter. Only those who are willing to sow and cultivate for themselves will have a chance to reap fruitful results.

most of the beauty of women when they are young comes from gifts from their parents.

but with the passage of time, the charm of a woman is hidden in the books she has read, the steps she has run, and the skin care products she has used.

the value-added of women is not to increase money, but it is difficult to leave money.

with money, you will have more opportunities and resources to add value to yourself, and you will be able to live more and more valuable.

A woman's attitude towards money determines the height of her life

there is a good saying in the book Women want to be rich:

"Women want to be young, beautiful, to meet a good marriage, but also to have money to be happy."

rely on mountains will fall, rely on everyone can run, in the dark, even the shadow will abandon you and run.

Smart women never bet on others.

they know very well that no matter how expensive other people's co-drivers are, they are not as reliable as the steering wheel in their own hands.

making good money and saving hard is the ultimate shrewdness of a woman.

1. Maintain economic independence at all times.

I wonder how many people have been moved by Zhou Xingchi's sentence "I support you" in the King of Comedy.

but in the real world, honeyed words are mostly promises fulfilled occasionally.

how thorough it is when you believe, how sad it will be when times change.

so don't give up your job easily for anyone.

the banknotes in your pocket and the growing balance in your bank card are the best backing to never betray a woman.

2. Plan your financial affairs reasonably and leave more ways for yourself.

as the old saying goes: "eat not poor, use it or not, will not plan to be poor forever."

when people live a lifetime, they are not afraid that they do not have the financial resources to be rich, but they are afraid that they will not have the ability to plan and manage money.

do not indulge in the pleasure of the "moonlight clan", make a good plan first, and then distribute and utilize it reasonably.

you should know that "there are unexpected events in the sky, and some people suffer misfortune and misfortune every day." set up an "emergency" fund to prevent unexpected attacks, and you are defenseless.

3. The province needs to save, and the money that adds value to itself must not be saved.

A woman's best investment is not her car or house, but her own ability.

there is only one's own ability, which no one can take away.

develop a long-term hobby, or fitness, beauty, investment talk, but anything that nourishes yourself is worth investing in.

always believe that a woman who can make money and manage money will never be too bad.

, may all women in the world have a clear understanding of money, work hard to make money and save money well.

to be your own sun, you don't need to rely on anyone's light to better protect your life.