A total of 712 cases were diagnosed, why didn't Shenzhen close the city? The truth is not what you think.
A total of 712 cases were diagnosed, why didn't Shenzhen close the city? The truth is not what you think.
I believe that Shenzhen will, as always, win this battle!

recently, the epidemic situation in all parts of the country has increased and declined.

soon after the social face of Baise in Guangxi was cleared, Huludao sent out a call for help. Hohhot is still trying to fight the epidemic. When everyone is eagerly waiting for the epidemic to subside, another city due to a new round of epidemic outbreak has been scolded as a hot search.

it is Shenzhen.

since January 31, Shenzhen has continued to report new cases. Up to now, it has been intermittently increasing for more than a month, especially in recent days.

according to the statistics of Shenzhen Health Commission, a total of 712 cases have been confirmed in Shenzhen since the beginning of the year.

from March 1 to March 3, a total of 251 COVID-19 positive cases were reported in Shenzhen.

the next period of time will be the most tight period for Shenzhen to fight the epidemic.

because the virus Shenzhen is facing this time is the more intractable Omicron mutant BA.2.

it is more contagious, 30% higher than Omicron mutant BA.1, and better in terms of transmission speed and concealment.

its danger is self-evident, and it is not too much to be called the "king of poison" temporarily.

Shenzhen, as a port city near Hong Kong, is really having a hard time.

in this round of epidemic in Shenzhen, 462 confirmed cases were imported from abroad, of which 420 were from Hong Kong.

in order to actively deal with such a difficult situation, Shenzhen began to control and block the community one after another; gathered a large number of epidemic prevention personnel; and started round after round of nucleic acid testing.

We should not only do a good job in our own protection, but also strictly prevent and control the threat of overseas imports. All people in Shenzhen are making painstaking efforts to combat this round of epidemic.

did not expect that some different voices appeared on the Internet.

with an arrogant and well-informed attitude, they are cynical on the Internet.

some people do not know the truth and use subjective imagination to "guide rivers and mountains".

some people strongly urge Shenzhen to close customs and use Shenzhen Pure Land.

some even say that Shenzhen does not close customs for the sake of GDP.

looking at these thoughtless remarks, Shu really feels funny and generous. They should first ask people in Shenzhen if they agree with their views.

having never experienced the pain of Shenzhen, it is really inexplicable to try to solve the current predicament on the basis of one word.

Shenzhen's efforts in the face of the epidemic can only be imagined by you!

Spring is coming, where can I best feel the fireworks in Shenzhen?

naturally, it is the nucleic acid testing site in Shenzhen, where volunteers provide enthusiastic services, medical staff work tirelessly, and citizens are even more orderly.

some people hand-painted this scene as "Shenzhen Nucleic Acid testing on the River Map", which is both warm and romantic.

A "beater" who wears formal clothes during the day can wear protective clothing to go to the front line at night and become an anti-epidemic soldier.

parents who care for their children at home when they are at peace can also serve others as volunteers in the face of the epidemic.

some people set up a mobile kitchen out of their own pocket, sleeping only a few hours a day, just for epidemic prevention personnel to deliver a portion of warm soup.

some people are still transporting nucleic acid samples at 2: 00 or 3: 00 in the morning.

the so-called omnipotent takeout riders are also "fully armed" at the moment, delivering valuable supplies to the residents in the sealed-off area.

"if you come from Shenzhen, you will be a volunteer." this sentence is reflected incisively and vividly at this moment.

as the first volunteer city in the country, Shenzhen makes you feel the warmth of its human feelings all the time.

isn't it dangerous? Aren't you tired?

the answer is yes, but people in Shenzhen never flinch.

how hard does a "worker" in Shenzhen work?

in other cities, work and production were suspended during the epidemic, but in Shenzhen under the epidemic, all colleagues became roommates.

some netizens teased themselves on the Internet: "finally, you don't have to rush to work anymore. You can work with your eyes open

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other cities are quarantined with epidemic prevention materials, while people in Shenzhen are carrying computers; other cities do nucleic acids and wait silently, while people in Shenzhen still have computers.

people like them are as dedicated and optimistic as they are.

many takeout boys have tied carpets and quilts to their cars to prevent them from running into unknown closed areas.

sleep on the floor, no matter where they are, that small carpet is their "moving home".

maybe some people will think that they are tired of living and are in a "mess" for a living.

but they do not think so, they are actually trying to go to the dream, but also fight the epidemic.

bring bedding to work and computer after work, all in order to respond to epidemic prevention as quickly as possible!

"Shenzhen people" do not express their sadness, but in their hearts, they feel that this is the unique positive energy side of Shenzhen people.

they hold together in dangerous situations and perfectly present the life of an ordinary person in adversity.

get through this period, maybe there is no difficulty.Stop them from moving forward courageously!

those who ask why Shenzhen is not closed


, you might as well take a look at how much Shenzhen has done to this end.

in order to prevent the import of the epidemic, anti-smuggling and illegal immigration, Shenzhen "spends a lot of money" to offer a large reward to encourage the masses to provide clues about illegal immigration.

27.5 kilometers and 2.8 meters of barbed wire have also been urgently laid around the Liantang Port in Shenzhen as isolation and protection.

in addition, cameras and searchlights are specially installed, and even radar is fully equipped.

in the dark sea late at night, there are still police officers patrolling in low light to guard the security of 400 square kilometers of sea.

preventing illegal immigration and smuggling is only one side. In addition, Shenzhen also needs to send a lot of daily necessities to Hong Kong.

relevant data show that Shenzhen maintains nearly 80% of the daily necessities for Hong Kong.

for Hong Kong compatriots, it is undoubtedly "timely help".

the epidemic situation is becoming more and more serious. at the moment of difficulties, Shenzhen is not only able to take care of itself, but also try its best to help Hong Kong in poverty and danger.

remember that there is such a problem on Zhihu:

what kind of city is Shenzhen?

when it comes to Shenzhen, the first thing that comes to mind in most people's minds is an urban scene full of lights and wine.

but some people say: Shenzhen is a miracle city with hard core.

A prosperous city full of vigor and vitality, warm human feelings, low-key and practical work, concerned about the most real life of ordinary people.

here, there is the myth of wealth and the simplicity of the world. When you come to Shenzhen, you are from Shenzhen!

there is hardly any city in China like Shenzhen, where everyone has homesickness, but everyone regards it as their hometown.

Shenzhen is a city that has no sense of belonging but is very tolerant, with the taste of all over the world and the dialects of the north and south of the Yangtze River, it is the most cordial place for every drifter.

when you come to Shenzhen, you will understand: you do not live in this city, you are the brick of this city, you will not be an inheritor, but you will be a creator.

it may not be as beautiful as it seems at the moment, but it is still trying to break down all doubts, and there are still many people who are willing to believe and support it.

that is their city and their dream.

it is only when the clouds open and see the sun that prosperity falls in front of us.

less complaint, more understanding, life will not always be dull, there will be twists and turns will be moved.

I believe that Shenzhen, which has a hard core, will, as always, win this battle!


, let's wish Shenzhen to welcome the spring, wait for the flowers to bloom, and the epidemic situation will disappear.