A person's money and quality determines his pattern.
A person's money and quality determines his pattern.
May we have money and protect our conscience; if we have no money, we will maintain our integrity.


some people say, "the world is in a panic, but a few taels of broken silver can solve thousands of melancholy."

in the eyes of some people, money is the panacea, and we can easily see a person's character from his attitude towards money.

in front of money

do not lose affection,

is a kind of bosom

there is a topic on Zhihu: "what is the scariest person you meet?"


A high praise replied: "it is those people who are selfish to the bone. In their lives, there are only interests, but no true feelings."

A big sister called on an emotional radio station a few days ago.

the eldest sister said that she had a younger brother. When they were young, they lost their parents one after another, and they became both fathers and mothers, bringing up their younger brothers.

later, my brother did business and asked her to borrow money. Without saying a word, she gave him all her savings for many years.

as a result, my brother's business didn't go, and I don't know where he went, let alone repay the money.

not long ago, the eldest sister broke her leg and was in urgent need of money. She asked around to find out the whereabouts of her brother.

so he called his younger brother to pay back the money, but the younger brother repeatedly perfunctory and indifferent to her illness.

even cheated that it was only natural for my sister to help my brother, and I had never thought of paying back the money.

heard such a sentence: "as long as you don't touch interests, all people are good people."

but in the face of pecuniary interests, you can often see a person's character best.

if money is lost, it can be earned again, but if love is lost, it can never go back.

it so happens that some people choose money, forget their conscience, and do not hesitate to hurt those who trust themselves and are really good to them.

when you are alive, you live with one emotion and one righteousness.

the long road of life is inseparable from the support, companionship and help of relatives, friends and loved ones. at any time, we should cherish these rare predestinies and be a loving and righteous person.

in front of interests

Don't lose yourself, it's a realm

Roman Roland once said: "the most terrible enemy is the lack of strong faith."

in the face of anything, if there is no strong belief, a little bit of wind from the outside world will disturb our hearts.

it is a realm for a person to stick to his original heart in the face of interests and temptations.

Ma Weiming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has won two first-class awards for scientific and technological progress in the army, one first-class national prize for scientific and technological progress, two third-class national inventions, four national patents, and published more than 90 academic papers in core journals at home and abroad. Two monographs have been published.

Ma Weiming's achievements in the modern military field alone have saved the country tens of billions of dollars.

in the face of such a sophisticated talent, some people in foreign countries spend a lot of money trying to poach him.

in the face of attractive and heavy money, Ma Weiming was unmoved and continued to immerse himself in his own research and devote himself to making contributions to the country.

in real life, many people can not stand the life of poverty, face the temptation, lose themselves, and even make big mistakes.

once the door of inner desire opens, you can no longer stop and go farther and farther on the wrong road.

there are thorns and temptations on the road of life. Only by holding a firm belief will we not go astray in the process of pursuing our goals, let alone compromise and bow in the face of temptation.

A really good person never forgets his heart and ends with the beginning.

regardless of rich or poor

Saving energy and doing it is a kind of wisdom

it is wisdom to live with the simplest and simplest attitude, regardless of whether you are rich or poor.

some time ago, Li Shenai, a girl from Nanjing, picked out two apartments by being "stingy", which caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

Li Shenai was born in a less well-off family and worried about money since she was a child. She had a sense of thrift a long time ago.

after graduation, once again through hard work, reduce non-essential expenses, add up, and dig out the second apartment.

in modern society, many young people believe in having fun in time. In their view, this kind of minimalism is "stingy" and a "abnormal" miser life.

Li Shenai said: "others spend money is happy, my happiness is free."


Bai Yansong once said, "you will have as much freedom as you can control your desires."

when we no longer crave too much, we will not be disturbed by the temptation of the outside world.

in order to satisfy the desire and save face, consume in advance, and do not leave yourself a way back, you can only enjoy the glory for a while.

when they are really in a hurry to use money, they ask everywhere for help, and there are even some "Neets" who live without themselves and lose their self-esteem.

"do not rejoice in things, do not feel sorry for yourself


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, living a frugal life, less impetuous and anxious caused by desire, but more leisurely and sense of security.

not only have the courage to choose how to live, but also give yourself the opportunity to grow up.

there is a saying: "gains and losses are like clouds and smoke, the wind blows away in the twinkling of an eye." A hundred years of life is empty in the twinkling of an eye. If you don't bring life, you won't take it with you if you die. "

Yes, life is short, any gain or loss, perseverance, in the end is in vain, you lose love for money, you will lose the meaning of life.

you should know that a good life is not to destroy love and meaning for money and material, not to lose yourself for fame and power, and not to be disturbed by external troubles in order to live calmly and calmly.

"May we have money and protect our conscience for the rest of our lives; if we have no money, we will maintain our integrity and be people with a big pattern.