A month after the outbreak in Shanghai, the couple, who had been in love for six years, announced their divorce
A month after the outbreak in Shanghai, the couple, who had been in love for six years, announced their divorce
May every pair of lovers be of one heart and one mind for a long time.


in the more than one month since the outbreak in Shanghai, the cumulative number of infections has exceeded 300000.

people in the midst of an epidemic storm are still doing everything they can to fight the annoying virus.

what I didn't expect is that the mood of watching the news is so complicated these days.

one second ago, because of the goodwill transfer between strangers:

the next second, he was poked in the lung tube by the cold, selfish human nature.

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there is such a post on the Internet.

according to the woman who posted the post, the community where the family of three is located, because it was not unsealed as scheduled, there is little food left, only a baby vegetable and seven or eight green peppers.

that afternoon, the wife was helping her children with their homework when the husband came to ask "what to eat for dinner



the wife said, "have some noodles.


watching her husband go to cook instant noodles, the wife was so happy that she thought she could eat ready-made noodles tonight.

after the noodles were cooked, the husband only called the children away, not the wife.

she went out to have a look and found that there were only two bowls on the table and there was no one of her own.

wife: "where is my noodle?"

husband: "there are only two packets of noodles left."

wife: "since it is two packs of noodles, why not divide it between three people?"

husband: "you can eat something else."

while talking, the husband hurriedly ate noodles.

the wife even vaguely saw that there was only half a package of noodles in the child's bowl, while the husband ate one and a half.

she was suddenly angry, but she was so hungry that she didn't even have the strength to lose her temper.

when the child saw this, he immediately took the bowl, ran to his mother and said, "Mom, let's pick it out to eat."

in this way, half a bowl of noodles should be shared between the child and the mother.

I wonder if this father will feel a little guilty when he looks at the pitiful look of mother and son after eating and drinking.

"one person has enough to eat, the whole family is not hungry" is reflected incisively and vividly in him.

I wonder if the father still remembers that the whole family ate a doll dish for lunch that day.

in order to give the child and her husband two more bites, the wife gnawed two green peppers herself.

and she wronged herself in exchange for the treatment that was left behind by others!

what is even more ironic is that through the wife's description, we found that she not only had to bear the burden of three meals a day, washing and mopping the floor.

recently, we have to scramble for food in the middle of the night and in the early hours of the morning, just to give the family more supplies and make the family eat more richly.

she must not have thought that all the food she had snatched from morning and night not only went into her husband's stomach, but even thought of saving a mouthful for her.

I have seen such a picture spread on moments before. People use it to describe every mother in every family in Shanghai during this period of time:

I thought that the art of humor is the processing of reality, but now I find that reality is far more cruel than this.

an epidemic has become a demon mirror of human nature, exposing the nature of selfishness and indifference.

A netizen took a picture of her husband eating, which attracted tens of thousands of attention after it was posted online.

according to netizens, they live in rented houses in Shanghai at the moment of the epidemic and do not have much to eat quickly.

unexpectedly, my husband quietly touched and cooked it, and a man hid on the balcony and ate it all. He didn't even ask his wife if he was hungry.

after eating, I didn't clean up the dishes and put them there, waiting for my wife to wash them.

news came out, the onlookers couldn't watch it any longer and stood up for her one after another:

the wife replied:

"I've been like this since I was pregnant. I'm such a bitch!"

"at first I thought he would hold a bowl each." I really like to fantasize. "

in retrospect, is it really at this moment that she suddenly realized her husband's true character?

I don't think so. she has seen it thoroughly since she was pregnant. She just wants to deceive herself and others, and wants to use her tolerance and patience in exchange for the result of living with him.

but I didn't expect that it was only at the critical moment of material shortage that I really realized the coolness of human nature.

as the saying goes, "husband and wife are birds in the same forest, and they fly separately in the face of disaster."

seeing a person clearly is not how good he is when he is good to you, but how bad he can be when he is bad to you.

this is the bottom line of morality and the lowest point of character.

it is understandable that it is everyone's instinct to fill their stomachs when supplies are tight.

but the key is, how can you turn a blind eye to lovers who get along with each other day and night?

even if you are in the same room with a stranger, out of politeness, or even out of human nature, you will at least share a bite of food or say hello.

how can you be so selfish and cold-blooded in the face of the pillow people who have been with you for years?

if marriage is selfish from the beginning, it is only a matter of time before it falls apart.

also in Shanghai, a woman went to her ex-husband's house to babysit, happened to encounter isolation and closure, so they got together.Lived for more than 20 days.

the lady's sister called to inquire about the situation, and the sister said, "actually, his father is OK, but he can make do."

divorced for six years, he did not marry, she did not marry.

the woman said, "whether you can live a good life or not depends on your performance."

the man said, "I will behave well and remarry when the epidemic is over!"

under the epidemic, we have witnessed too many unexpected emotional situations.

some people will choose to renew their relationship because of their sincerity in a difficult situation, but others will use it as an excuse to draw a line with their wife.

I saw a piece of news two days ago: # the man refused to take his migrant wife home for fear of infection with COVID-19.

the first reaction is that the man is afraid of being infected, so he doesn't want to affect his wife.

what kind of immortal love this is, you have to look at it carefully.

as a result, the opposite is true.

in February 2020, his wife Ma came home from Beijing.

because the whole country was in the stage of epidemic prevention and control at that time, the village asked her husband Zhang to pick up someone, but the husband refused to take his wife home on the grounds that--

worry about being infected.

in April of the same year, the wife had to leave for Beijing to work. The husband directly used busy work as an excuse and refused to see his wife.

these two things completely broke the wife's heart and sued for divorce from her husband.

before that, the wife had already listed several charges of her husband:

send ambiguous text messages with others; don't care about children; don't give living expenses.

if he is usually so perfunctory to his wife and children, how can he be expected to provide shelter to his wife and children at a critical moment of epidemic prevention and control?

I'm afraid that before the difficulty comes, he has already flapped his wings and flew away.

not only that, but also step on his wife's feet during takeoff.

Zhang ailing said:

"the moment someone leaves you, he must feel that he will be better off without you." At that moment, my whole life is not worth forgiving. "

the feeling of being given up is probably like your own world extinguishing the light you have always relied on.

it is not fatal, but it is the pain of cutting flesh with a blunt knife.

two people choose to get married on the basis of passionate love.

but this friendship is far from enough to support the long time after marriage.

Life will always teach you with facts: the fetters of firewood, rice, oil and salt, the trivia of bits and pieces, and even the entanglement of the interests of two families.

everything can be the stone that breaks this friendship.

in addition to the long-flowing love between husband and wife, what is more important is the kindness of dripping water and spring, and the righteousness of sharing joys and sorrows.

is the hand that does not abandon or give up at the critical moment.