A man who is too soft-hearted is a man without blessing.
A man who is too soft-hearted is a man without blessing.
No matter who you get along with, you should not only leave three points of room for each other, but also leave three points of room for yourself.


there is a kind of people in life who always like to fulfill others, are ruthless to others, and let themselves be too aggrieved.

whenever I get angry, I feel sorry for myself and hum mockingly: "I am always too soft."

but Gui Guzi said, "those who are soft-hearted are unblessed."

being too soft-hearted is a sign of lack of principles, not only will you become a "doormat", but also may not bring convenience to others.

therefore, to bid farewell to the "too soft-hearted" self, we should keep three words in mind.

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Don't be swayed by emotions

Gu Zi, the saint-hunter, once said in "Mou Pian":

"those who look beautiful are not beautiful, and they are not evil, so they are entrusted with affection."

and soft-hearted people are often the most easily swayed by emotions, and they can be compromised by the words of others. Therefore, such people are most likely to be controlled, often lose themselves, and even lead to greater disasters.

it is important to know that being too soft and kind-hearted is not necessarily a good thing for others or for yourself.

as the old saying goes, "A good man is deceived, and a good horse is ridden."

to be a man, you should know how to refuse, enough is enough, control your emotions at all times, think rationally, instead of letting emotions prevail.

there are not many in the rest of your life. Be nice to yourself, and don't let "softness" become your weakness.

know the inner circle and the outer circle

Gui Guzi said:

"be a man like yin and yang, such as yang and yin.

such as circle and square, such as square and circle.

when you don't see the shape, the circle is shaped by the Tao; when you see the form, you can do things.

advance and retreat left and right, so the company is in charge. "

No one can make a smooth journey all his life, but there is no impassable road.

I hope that it may be just around the corner. As the saying goes, "there is another village around the corner", so we should know the truth of turning a circle.

similarly, in dealing with the world, we should also learn to be appropriately "smooth". We can be soft-hearted, but we can't be soft on everyone, let alone everything.

when you are alive, you must be kind, but you must also abide by your own bottom line and principles. In today's words, your kindness should also bring its own edge.

as Zeng Guofan said in his letter to home:

"those who stand, work hard and strengthen themselves, can stand; those who reach the level, do things smoothly and work well."

blindly soft-hearted and patient, it may not make things "work". To be a stubborn and round person, you will not lose money to others or yourself.

grasp the square inch

modesty is a good quality, but if you are too modest, you will give in everywhere and become humble.

if a person does not respect himself, who will respect him?

as the saying goes, "if you are uncomfortable in fighting, you will be merciful." to be a man, you should have something to do and not to do, some things can be allowed, and some things must not be conceded.

there must be a limit to everything, and if you are soft-hearted, you must have a good sense of moderation, otherwise you will let yourself "give up" and "there is no way to retreat", and eventually fall into a desperate situation.

where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, too soft-hearted, too humble, not only will not be respected, but also may not be treated with sincerity.

in modern society, human feelings are particularly complex. We can neither "benefit ourselves at the expense of others" nor "benefit others at the expense of others".

give up "soft heart" and be a soft but hard person who can advance and retreat.