A family of three in Qingdao diagnosed COVID-19. After her husband's whereabouts was exposed, mothers all over the network envied and cried.
A family of three in Qingdao diagnosed COVID-19. After her husband's whereabouts was exposed, mothers all over the network envied and cried.
The father who has "living" in his eyes is the best role model for his children.

these days, the epidemic is getting more and more serious, which makes people feel worried.

however, an ordinary father in Qingdao became popular under the epidemic.

he worked as a bus driver, and the family of three unfortunately diagnosed COVID-19, but as soon as the tune was announced, it immediately attracted the attention of netizens and the envy of countless mothers.

February 26 and 27 are weekends, which should also be days of rest, but at 6: 00 in the morning, he took his mother to the clinic to see a doctor, and at 2: 00 in the afternoon, he accompanied his wife and daughter to another clinic for medical treatment.

the same is true the next afternoon.

on Monday, his family still did not recover when he went to work. With only a two-and-a-half-hour break at noon, he returned home, took his wife and daughter out for medical treatment, sent his daughter to his mother's home, and then went back to work.

running back and forth with no free time, I didn't get home until seven or eight o'clock in the evening.

A short three-day trip can make people feel the father's sense of responsibility, work hard to earn money to support his family, accompany his family to take care of his family, and don't be lazy.

netizens all say:

"this big brother is not easy. Apart from his work, he takes his family to see a doctor."

"the bus driver is a good man."

"the life trajectory of a family-oriented, hardworking bus driver."

and mothers are even more envious, a father who has "life" in his eyes and is never absent, his family must be very happy.

Yes, such a father is the father every family wants.

when something happens, you can come forward and protect your family behind you. You won't let your wife leave her family alone to see a doctor.

I have a home in my heart, a "life" in my eyes, and an understanding of action.

as Cheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, said:

"if the husband takes care of the family and does more housework, the wife will not be so depressed. The conflict between the two people will also be reduced, and their satisfaction with their married life will naturally increase. "

there is a father in the family who has "living" in his eyes, which is happy and lucky.

Dad who is not "alive" in his eyes

A chicken feather in the family makes my mother sad

I have seen a sentence: between chicken feathers and warmth and harmony, there is often only one man.

some time ago, the TV series "our Marriage" was a hit, and Shen Huixing, played by Bai Baihe, vividly explained this dilemma.

Shen Huixing was an excellent student in college, but after graduation, she got married and had children, became a stay-at-home mother and raised children at home for six years.

and her husband Sheng Jiangchuan has a successful career, but he doesn't meddle in anything at home, can't fix light bulbs, can't change faucets, can't connect wiring boards, can't cook and wash clothes.

seems to be a loser in the family.

when the whole family moved to a new house near Financial Street, he did not help with the decoration and did not go back on the first day of the move, thinking that "a moving company would be fine".

even came home drunk late that night and proudly said, "by myself, my family has risen to a whole class."... "

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Shen Huixing feels devastated. Is it possible that all her efforts have been in vain?

can't the husband help himself except for his work?

the state of mind gradually disintegrated, and she asked her husband sadly with red eyes:

"will it be easier for me to stay at home and take care of the kids?

I cook, wash and clean at home every day. Did you know that when Sugar (daughter) was born, I dared not blink, I dared not breathe, and I was afraid that she would not breathe in the blink of an eye.

have you been vaccinated every month?

the child is ill. I took her to the hospital alone. Have you ever been there?

Children go to kindergarten, choose kindergarten, choose section, interview, have you been there?

even more tired said: "are you afraid that I am tired? are you afraid that no one will take care of your children?"

after six years of widowed parenting, the husband did not wake up at all and never "live" in his eyes, the originally peaceful family fell into frequent quarrels and battles.

Shen Huixing filed for divorce. She wanted to return to the workplace to find herself. She also asked her husband to perform his duties as a father, taking care of the children three days a week and doing her own housework.

the book "just want to live a good life with you" says:

"many people cannot accept their differences because they can't see their partner's needs and feel that their feelings are more important than their partners, because they pay too much attention to their own needs and are used to looking at things from their own point of view. without taking into account each other's inner experience."

the overwhelmed mother is precisely because her husband does not see his own needs and the work that needs to be done at home.

always think that his wife is Superman, in the face of the whole family omnipotent, but do not know that she is also a weak woman, she also needs care and love.

in the Golden Mediation program, a mother who has been married for 30 years asks for a divorce.

because there is no difference between having a husband and no husband in this family, they go to surgery on their own when they get sick, and the children are dropped out of school to deal with themselves. some people knock on the door in the middle of the night for fear that the husband will only call and say, "it's all right now."

in the audio complaint, the husband only said: allShe can handle small things.

I often hear an oath at weddings: no matter poverty, wealth, health and sickness, we will never give up.

but in the family, many mothers have become "widowed parenting" and "fake corpse parenting". In family chores, fathers have long fled.

in fact, sometimes a father does not "live" in his eyes, not because he does not know it, but because he is lazy and irresponsible and thinks that his wife should be in charge of the family alone.

A husband who does not "live" in his eyes raises an anxious wife and makes an indifferent family.

Dad who has "living" in his eyes

is the cornerstone of family happiness

Yi Shu wrote a paragraph in his book the end of the Earth:

when I was forty, I was in good health, had a little savings, was married, my husband was considerate, my children were obedient, and I had a job I really liked. I didn't have to be famous or rich.

Middle-aged mother's dream is so simple, ordinary happiness.

A husband who does not "live" in his eyes has no family wife or children in his heart, so the family is likely to be separated in the end.

as the first Chinese director in film history to win best director at the Academy Awards, the British Film Academy Awards and the Golden Globes, in addition to films, everyone knows that he is in charge of cooking at home.

when asked what he is doing now, he said proudly:

make a movie; cook at home; be scolded by his wife.

even if he has a successful career, he will never forget the housework at home and the hard work of his wife.

not only that, but his autobiography "A Dream of Movie in Ten years" also says:

after filming the film Dietetic Men and Women, he went straight to New York and asked his assistant Li Liangshan to check if there was a night train to Washington, D.C.

"because his wife and children are in D.C. At my sister's house, I was worried that Tai Tai was too tired to drive back to New York for five hours and was anxious to get together with her family. "

but then I was afraid that he would arrive in the middle of the night, and his wife had to pick him up in the middle of the night. I planned to go again the next day.

whatever it is, his first consideration is his family and his wife and children.

Why are you so successful and so "low" at home?

he said: "just because I have become a father and a husband does not mean that I can naturally win their respect. You still have to earn their respect every day." You have to meet a certain standard, because this is one of the reasons why I don't slack off. "

I think so.

A qualified husband and respected father first performs his duties in the family, seeing the needs of his wife and children, taking into account the needs of the family and giving action.

if my father has "life" in his eyes, the family will be more alive.

how should Dad do it


A "living" father and an emotionally stable mother have made a warm and happy family.

so how should a father "live" in his eyes?

bravely assume the "fatherhood", do not shirk, do not evade

psychologist Gerdy said:

Father is a unique being and has a special power in raising children.

as a father, he needs to come into his children's education, play with his children, and establish the image of a father.

A father of science and technology in Shenyang heard his child keep asking, "Why does it get dark early in winter?"

the mother keeps explaining, but the child still doesn't understand.

so he bought some materials online and took 15 days to build a "sun-earth-moon three-sphere instrument" for the child, which successfully solved the child's doubts.

A father is a lifelong career, and it is an important responsibility of a father to participate in the upbringing of his children, to accompany them to grow up, and to solve their doubts.

care about your wife and have the courage to share housework and build a happy family

there is a theory in physics that forces act on each other. In fact, the role of love is also mutual.

A netizen on Zhihu shares his family:

when he was a child, his family was a traditional family. His father made money outside, his mother took care of them at home, and his mother did all the work in the family.

Mom is very hard, but the family is very happy, because no matter how busy my father is, he occasionally cooks at home and takes them.

and very careful, especially considerate and caring for my mother, my parents have a very good relationship with my husband and wife, and their sisters have always felt very happy.

Dad has "life" in his eyes, and behind it is to understand his wife's hard work, see the trivialities and pressures of life, and give enough love and sense of security to his wife and children.

actively care about family matters, but also do it with your mouth.

Columbia University has looked at 326 children between the ages of seven and ten and their parents to study the amount of housework and the career choices of their children.

it is found that the more father likes to do housework, the more successful the child will be in the future.

I have seen a short film in which a father went to his daughter's house after he got married and found that the baby in her palm had become someone else's "babysitter". The daughter bought vegetables, cooked and looked after the children by herself, like a top, spinning and turning.

Dear daughter, I am proud of you, but I am also very sorry.

I have never helped your mother with housework. So you saw it and you learned it.

but it's not too late. I will try to do the housework. I may not do it well, but at least I can do the laundry. I've been wrong for so many years, it's time to do the right thing.

so fathers need to be involved in big and small family matters.

what do you want your child to do in the future? first of all, what kind of family image you have to create.

as the saying goes, words are not as good as deeds.

, there is "life", which is love and responsibility, thoughtfulness and care for the family, the seed in the heart of children, and the fuel for a happy family.

May every father have a family in his heart and a "life" in his eyes.