3.8, a special day, write to a special self
3.8, a special day, write to a special self
The girl who loves herself will always have the best life.

time is like a bird, flying without leaving a trace, and then the annual International Working Women's Day comes in the twinkling of an eye.

in this loving day, maybe you are still busy in the workplace, maybe you have already received a gift.

or maybe you are still silently looking forward to a surprise, an attentive companionship.

but don't forget to reward yourself, whether or not you receive a gift and whether you are accompanied or not.

on this journey to the world, too many girls are easily blinded by floating clouds, always full of affection and foolishness, but ignore that what is most worthy of love is themselves.

as Max Hermann said:

"be gentle with yourself, you are just a child of the universe, just like plants and stars."

your life begins when you know how to love and appreciate yourself.

the most important person in your life is yourself

in this long life, you always want to cater to others.

it seems that it never occurred to me that the saddest thing in life is to change myself blindly for the sake of other people's opinions, and finally lose myself.

Life is your own and has nothing to do with others. Your life should be written by yourself.

it is always more important to please yourself than to please others.

my friend Lu Lu once shared a story with me:

when I was in college, there was a girl in my class who always went to class, dinner and library alone.

many people always talk behind her back, thinking that she is a "withdrawn weirdo".

once, when Lu Lu was about to go out, he happened to meet the girl at the bus stop.

after chatting for a few words, Lu Lu found that the girl had a good character and spoke comfortably, without publicity or deliberation.

out of curiosity, Lu Lu asked, "you are so nice, why are you always alone?"

the girl smiled and said, "because I don't like waiting for people, and I don't like to delay others."

"then you are alone every day, won't you feel bored?"

"it's not that boring. I often chat with my friends, but I don't disturb my pace in order to accommodate others.

later, this unusual girl was successfully admitted to graduate school.

and, during her four years in college, she always insisted on working as a part-time tutor in her spare time, and the money she earned almost traveled all over the country.

Papi paste once said a sentence that was very incisive:

"the order of one's life should be oneself, partner, children and parents."

in this life, everyone else is a passer-by except yourself, and even the dearest person can't stay with you all the time.

you are the only one who can accompany you to the end.

We should put ourselves first at any time.

you don't have to get caught up in complicated relationships and be busy thinking about other people's feelings and emotions, thus making it difficult for yourself.

it is wisest to enjoy the joy of being alone in a down-to-earth manner, not to waste time, to live up to your time, to water your dreams and to live your life the way you like.

when you look back on the past after a few years, you will find that it is worth more than anything else to please and achieve yourself.

learn to love yourself before you love

in this life, you will always meet someone who will amaze your years and tender your time.

however, for some people, it is not so easy to meet the right person.

without self-love, if you pay by mistake, you will only lose the whole game and there is no way out.

in the movie the first incense, at first, GE Weilong was just an ordinary girl.

at the garden party held by her aunt, she met Qiao Qiqiao, a dissolute boy who only knows how to eat, drink and make merry.

but Qiao Qiqiao is humorous and talkative and handsome. At one glance, GE Weilong fell in love with him like a moth to the fire.

however, such a playboy as Qiqiqiao loves no one but himself.

when Veyron had just made it clear that he wanted to be with him, he said very bluntly:

"Weilong, I can't promise you love, I can only promise you happiness."

but GE Weilong thinks:

"I love you. What do you care?" You can't be blamed for all oddities. "

who knows how to turn his head, immersed in the fantasy of love, Wei long saw him teasing others.

like many girls, Keweilong can't extricate herself once she falls in love.

he broke free in pain several times, but he still couldn't let go of Qiqiqiao.

in this love, GE Weilong put himself so low that he risked his self-esteem.

she even fantasized that marriage would change everything, and that married men could gradually become mature and take care of their families.

GE Weilong's humble love naturally did not retain Qiaoqiao's heart, but made her lose herself more and more and became a tool for Qiaoqiqiao to accumulate wealth.

in this absurd relationship, GE Weilong lost a complete defeat.

people are doomed to be a disaster if they love too much in this life.

there are many people, once they fall into the whirlpool of love, they are easy to lose themselves and pay for this.Out, sacrifice for that.

as a result, in the end, I not only love but not love, but make myself physically and mentally exhausted.

therefore, don't lose your dignity for the so-called love.

since what you meet is not a good person, it is better to neatly take back the enthusiasm that is not cherished and calmly let go of the person who has been persistent for a long time.

Love is never about praying for mercy with a low profile, but appreciating each other with an equal attitude.

Don't show great love and devote yourself to each other.

always love yourself before you love others.

only by loving yourself well can you have the power to love others; only by taking good care of yourself can you have the ability to love others.

Girls, please straighten up and love yourself more.

Happiness is in your own hands

there is a fashionable grandmother named Zhang Mingshu who often shares her solitary life online and is sought after by countless netizens.

although she is in her twenties, she, who loves fashion, has never given up her job, still chasing her dreams and enjoying her life.

at 7 o'clock every morning, as soon as the alarm goes off, she gets up, weighs herself, exercises and prepares breakfast.

if you have a job, go out to work.

without a job, she is unambiguous. She will dress up and put on fine clothes to visit gallery and go shopping.

before going to bed, she will deal with some work, then read fashion magazines, learn new knowledge, of course, maintenance work is not lazy.

A seemingly mundane life gives people healing and strength.

her face was filled with a contented smile, and she lived a gentle and shining life.

many people envy Grandma Zhang's ability to enjoy life freely and elegantly, but she has experienced countless fatal pains and blows in her life.

because of her "big mouth", she was often laughed at by her classmates since she was a child, and even her mother disliked her for not being good-looking.

aspired to become a fashion designer and wanted to study abroad to study design, but it was strongly opposed by his parents.

in desperation, she had to listen to her parents' wishes and hurried into marriage, revolving around her husband and children's family.

however, limited by firewood, rice, oil and salt, it was not what she had in mind after all.

the dream hidden in the bottom of my heart keeps taking root like a seed. So she made a bold decision to take her child to pursue her dream.

from a desperate housewife to a world-famous fashionable grandmother, her experience was as bumpy as a plateau, but she never flinched.

as she said: "born Zhang Mingshu, you have to live what you want!"

Happiness is actually very simple, simple to the sweetness of a piece of sugar, a smile looking back, a wish come true, is enough to let us in this world, warm and affectionate to live.

but even if it's simple, sometimes it's hard for us to be happy people.

because we are always used to pinning our hopes on others.

the person who loves you and is close to you may also have completely different values and opinions from you.

therefore, if you want to live happily, you must learn to listen firmly to your heart.

you have to understand that the key called happiness can not be given by others, but can only be given by yourself.

Don't criticize yourself because of the eyes of the outside world, don't give up because of suffering, don't be anxious and lost because of the ups and downs of fate.

as long as you don't accept your fate, there's nothing fate can do about you.

Don't be afraid, all at a loss is just a reluctance.

believe that you can hold the hope of happiness in your own hands.

step forward bravely, there is a new world ahead.

I like Yi Shu's sentence very much: "in any case, it is not forgivable for a person to fall under an excuse. The more unloved he is, the more he should love himself."

Yes, instead of waiting for flowers to be sent to you, learn to please yourself, buy a bouquet of flowers and enjoy the refreshing fragrance.

instead of lowering your figure and wronging yourself for the sake of your lover, it is better to learn to love yourself.


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March 8

this important day, please sincerely say to yourself:

"Thank you, I love you!"

you know, the girl who loves herself will always have the best luck.

the breeze is getting warmer and the vegetation is full of trees. In the vibrant spring, to encounter the romance all over the mountains and feel the gentle good weather seriously.

from now on, seize every moment of life and experience every wonderful thing in life. Every day for the rest of your life will be worth living as an adult.

Please remember that no matter whether we celebrate the holidays or not, we can shine like goddesses.

, may every girl, in the best of flowers, smile like a flower. Please believe that as long as you have love for everything in front of you, life will give us all the best sooner or later.