253 days after Li Ziqi disappeared, the status quo was exposed.
253 days after Li Ziqi disappeared, the status quo was exposed.
Everyone in the world should see Li Ziqi.

is plum back?

two days ago, Li Ziqi's assistant released a dynamic saying:

Li Ziqi has gone to Ganzi.

also comes with 9-square photos of Li Ziqi's life. Likes and comments are as high as ever.

A few photos bring us into the pastoral life of Li Zi Qi.

who doesn't miss Li Ziqi's video?

just one comment that misses her, there are more than 3,000 likes.

it is a pity that her video has been updated for 253 days since July 14 last year.

the last time her activity was the propaganda Weibo of # serving Rural Revitalization and Development #.

she said:

"build a beautiful village in a down-to-earth manner, share a better life, and make everyone in the village have a better sense of achievement, happiness and sense of security."

after watching her video stop status, I realized:

she's coming back.

but come back in another way.

step by step to the peak of traffic, she is not willing to be an Internet celebrity.

she is always the Li Ziqi, who was born in dirt, took care of farming and returned to the countryside.

Why can plum seven circle powder?

Li Ziqi has 27 million followers on Weibo and 53 million followers on Douyin, and is the top account on all major platforms.

What's more, she is the first Chinese creator with more than 10 million followers on YouTube, a foreign video website.

Global fans add up to more than 100 million, more popular than many stars and even the media.

CCTV News has discussed this before:

"Why can Li Ziqi circle powder?"

"there is not a word to praise that China is good, but she has told the Chinese culture and told the Chinese story."

countless people saw the good life of traditional Chinese culture in Li Ziqi's video and found peace in her video.

that is the spiritual home we have lost.

until now, the video in which Li Ziqi made "the four Treasures of the study" topped Weibo.

in that issue of the video, Li Ziqi condensed the culture of pen, ink, paper and inkstone that had precipitated for thousands of years.

the presentation of a short span of more than ten minutes was her painstaking effort through spring, summer, autumn and winter after two years.

with the change of seasons, Li Ziqi can find the most appropriate and comfortable ceremony in each season.

in spring, everything is renewed, ten miles of peach blossoms.

she climbed up the tree, picked peach blossoms, dotted with peach gum, put it in her cloth pocket, and went home to cook peach gum.

or walk the horse looking for flowers, walk leisurely in the sea of magnolia flowers, tired rely on the big tree to take a nap.

Summer is a cool season for relieving summer heat after farming leisure.

she holds plum banquets, brews beer, and makes all kinds of jams and ice creams at home.

the lotus flowers were fragrant. She went down to the pond to pick lotus leaves and dig out lotus roots to make lotus root powder.

fruits and vegetables with a bumper harvest can never be eaten up.

Autumn, rich in fruits, is the season for harvest.

she is busy collecting rice, drying millet and breaking corn.

she can easily catch all the hard work in the field.

when she is free, she still remembers the ripe chestnuts falling from the mountains and picks them up to make a set of chestnut cakes.

in winter, there is ice and snow, and it is cold.

at this time, you should stay at home and cook all kinds of delicious hot pot.

is worthy of Sichuan girls, a hot hot pot, from the stir-fry starting to prepare, the table is delicious.

in Li Ziqi's life, a flower, a grass and a diet all grow from the seeds, which looks so interesting.

she said:

remember where the food we eat comes from.

it is precisely because many people don't remember that the food they can see is packed in layers in the supermarket.

that's why the food made by Li Ziqi himself is so attractive.

however, the ideal life of "picking chrysanthemum under East Gracilaria, inadvertently seeing Nanshan" has a price.

in addition to her hard work day after day, she has to shoot with a camera again and again and stay up all night to cut the video.

the world has never become famous overnight, it has only been made into steel.

behind all the lives we envy, there are hardships that we can't endure.

even if you try so hard, it is still not what you want.

the video of Li Ziqi suddenly stopped.

the top stream of the moment became the worst worker.

Li Ziqi's videos never seem to be short of content.

she finished filming every bit of country life in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

found the traditional culture again, doing cloth dyeing, embroidery, traditional festivals and the four treasures of the study.

then she pays attention to the life of each kind of food.

from corn, rice and chestnut to chili, garlic, potatoes, cucumbers.

Oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea, she has just finished "soybean paste", "rapeseed oil" and "well salt".

No time to make vinegar and tea, there is no more.

after stopping for a month and a half, she finally began to tell everyone the truth.

one sentence, "Capital is a good means!" Let everyone see the unknown side of pastoral life.

We all know what happened later.

it turns out, no.Li Ziqi, who receives advertisements and has no endorsements, does have a team behind him.

and is a senior online celebrity incubator.

take a closer look at the discovery, it turns out that this is another story of people fighting with money.

the content is taken by Li Ziqi himself, and the account number is also taken by Li Ziqi.

when Li Ziqi had only 400000 followers, the boss of Hangzhou Weinian, an online celebrity operator, came directly to her home to ask her for cooperation.

at that time, Li Ziqi just thought that the other party was very bold and sincere.

she knows nothing about the background and future operation of the company.

but Li Ziqi alone, after all, it is difficult to do both shooting and operation.

so she handed over the work after filming the video to micro-reading.

they also founded a new company, Sichuan Ziqi Culture Communication Co., Ltd., to undertake all the cooperation between Li Ziqi and Mini.

Li Zi Qi feels that he can finally do the content and shoot the video.

but unfortunately, she, who has never come into contact with business, is still too naive.

After that, Hangzhou Weinian Company received a lot of capital investment, and the company also set up food factories and Tmall stores one after another, and used IP of plums to do e-commerce products.

while Li Ziqi just buried himself in the video.

once a person touches interests, his human nature will be fully exposed.

I don't know when the company behind Li Qi began to tamper with it.

We didn't know until plum Qi made a public voice--

the name of "Li Ziqi" has been changed to money, and the money is read on a micro scale.

the popular products such as plum seven snail lion powder, plum root root powder and so on have nothing to do with Sichuan Ziqi company at all.

that is to say, it has nothing to do with Li Ziqi.

but 51% of the income of Sichuan Ziqi Culture was taken away by Hangzhou Weinian.

Li Ziqi became the worst worker.

even if Li Ziqi and Weinu Company have already quarreled in court.

but Li Ziqi is still thinking about the old love, there is no termination and micro-reading cooperation.

she just wants to sort out the relationship and get back what she deserves.

she remembers mindful of her boss's kindness to her;

she cares, mindful of the hard work of the company's employees;

she knows that micro-reading is the support she can hold on for three years.

she just wants to protect her name and doesn't want to be very commercial.

with the latest developments, Li Ziqi won.

"all valid trademarks related to" Li Ziqi "have also been transferred back to the culture of Sichuan Ziqi according to the agreement, and the 35th core trademark belongs to Li Ziqi."

she already has the ability to fight for what she wants and guard her persistence.

this should be the biggest lesson life has taught her since she became popular.

perhaps it is also her biggest harvest in recent years.

the former Li Ziqi, can not come back

now Li Ziqi is getting better

Other lawsuits brought by

and Weinu are still under trial.

Li Ziqi has figured out his future direction.

now she earns enough money to live on.

she didn't buy a house or car, she only contracted a 200 mu bamboo forest because she liked it.

the clothes she wears are still less than a hundred yuan, and the things she uses are all old things.

she doesn't spend much money, and she doesn't want to make any more money.

in the latest CCTV interview video, Li Ziqi said:

next, she wants to continue to inherit and spread the non-heritage traditional culture, "helping people increase their income" and "sharing some interesting, positive energy things with children".

just as this time she went to Ganzi, Sichuan, what she did was related to the revitalization of the countryside and common prosperity.

Li Ziqi went to Gongya boarding Primary School in Dege County, Ganzi Prefecture, to see the children and send some supplies for study and daily life.

what she can do for Ganzi is the same thing she has always done:

"it would be nice to truthfully describe Ganzi's good scenery, good products and good stories."

the previous plum seven is the traffic password.

many bloggers who photograph pastoral life are known as "men's version of Li Ziqi".

but now, Li Ziqi's name is no longer popular.

but Li Ziqi, still Li Ziqi, does not change his name and does not change his last name.

she has always been a doer, pursuing life, not fame and wealth.

she has walked in a down-to-earth manner to this day, standing at today's height, standing firm will not fall.

the world is so disturbed that it can't disturb her;

Capital's grudges can't be blamed on her.

she is still an ordinary person, insisting on doing what she can, and then creating the ideal miracle.

she is still the poetic fairy we love.

Today when I see Li Ziqi, I think of what teacher Luo Xiang said:

in fact, I am not fatalistic, fatalism will lead to laziness.

at the same time, I personally do not believe in the way of heaven to reward hard work, which can lead people to pride or nothingness.

when you are successful, you will feel that you have worked hard and that you deserve it, so you look down on those who fail.

but when you work hard and work hard, the mostIf you still fail or achieve nothing, you will fall into a great complaint that heaven is unfair



I think 95% of the things in life may not be decided by you, but we still have to use 5% of our efforts to pry these 95% of the things you can't decide, and do our best.

in the first half of plum's life, she couldn't decide 95% of the things.

so she suffered a lot.