12 little things to make yourself happy
12 little things to make yourself happy
May you meet slowly, shallow joy, always gentle, always filled with tears.

the writer Ikeda Daisaku once said: "Happiness is not given by others, but built bit by bit in one's own life."

in the complicated world, each of us wants to be happy.

but most of the time, we go in the opposite direction and get farther and farther away from happiness.

if you look carefully, you will understand: in fact, happiness is not somewhere else, it is around us.

here are 12 little things that make you happy.


keep smiling

in life, nine times out of ten there are unpleasant things.

if you have a sad face when you encounter something that bothers you, it will be very hard and hard.

Don't lose a smile when life is not easy. A smile is free, but it has endless magic.

when you are in a bad mood, you might as well smile at yourself in the mirror. I believe your mood will be much better, too.

if you can keep smiling all the time, then you will find that life can be wonderful.

A person who loves to laugh will never have too bad luck. The smile on your face is your best secret recipe for happiness.

youdao is: if you face the sun, you are not afraid of the wind and frost; if you smile, the flowers smell of the four seasons.


occasionally forgetful

most of the time, the reason why we are unhappy is not because we have less, but because we have too much to worry about.

as the saying goes, "worry has no root, and if you don't pick it up, you will have nothing; confusion has no source, and it will be easy if you don't look into it."

there are some things you don't have to worry about, let go is the Pure Land.

We can't decide whether the day is good or bad, but we can choose to forget the unhappiness in life.

the capacity of the human heart is limited, if you remember too many complicated things, happiness will not be able to live.

Happiness can only be accompanied by forgetting some unhappy trifles.


have time to cook

some people say that there is nothing that cannot be solved by a meal.

when you have time to cook a simple meal for yourself, you can not only enjoy the fun of cooking, but also taste nutritious food.

go to the supermarket after work to choose your favorite dishes, feel the fireworks of life in the flow of people, go home, cut and wash, and relax in the firewood, rice, oil and salt.

slowing down the pace in one vegetable and one dish and savoring your own happiness can cure the tiredness of the day.

when you eat your own cooking, you will feel a sense of achievement and happiness.


keep reading

I have heard such a saying: "when life gets better, you start by reading more books."

when you are confused, you might as well look for the answer in the book.

in the book, you can feel the feelings of life and learn the attitude of dealing with the world.

the books you have read will eventually become stepping stones to your growth and pave the way for your happiness.

Reading can not only accumulate knowledge and broaden horizons, but also improve temperament and make people better and move towards higher fields from the inside to the outside.

people who insist on reading, even if they live in a place of chicken feathers, their hearts are prosperous.


regular savings

for adults, money is the strength of life.

as the saying goes, "if you have money in your pocket, don't panic."

with money, you can buy what you want and live the life you want.

but the premise is that you first learn to save money, know how to plan ahead, and improve your ability to resist risks.

saving money can reflect one's foresight.

after you receive your salary every month, you can save some of it for a rainy day.

in this way, if something really happens, you won't be in a hurry.

know that every penny you save can bring you a down-to-earth and full sense of security.

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but with sense of security, the happiness of life will be greatly increased.


enjoy being alone

when we were young, we thought that the more friends we had, the better, so we kept blending into all kinds of circles.

at a certain age, I really understand that being alone is the happiness of adults.

when you are alone, you don't have to pretend to be yourself or worry about not doing well enough.

you can do whatever you want, and you can calm down and think about your life.

by being alone, you can listen to your inner voice, find yourself and return to real life.

Roland said: "it is a rare happiness for a person to have time that really calms down and is free from external interference."

people who can enjoy being alone can also lead a rich and comfortable life.


go to bed early and get up early

have you ever had the experience that if you stay up too late the night before, you will look ugly the next day and lose energy all day?

often stay up late, it is not only easy to make people stupid and ugly, but also cause a lot of diseases.

people who go to bed early and get up early will not only be energetic and efficient during the day, but also become more and more beautiful.

people should not stay up late to hurt their bodies for the sake of short-term happiness.

No matter how good a tonic is, no matter how good cosmetics are, they are no better than good sleep.

Shakespeare once said, "Sleep is the feast of life."A tonic. "

early to bed and early to rise is the greatest blessing in life.


exercise properly

people who exercise for a long time show a very different state from those who do not exercise.

they look more energetic and younger than their inactive peers.

because exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also heal the body and mind.

Modern people are under more and more pressure. Proper exercise can release the pressure.

starting today, you might as well set aside 15 to 30 minutes a day to exercise.

believe that every drop of your sweat will not be in vain.

every time after sweating, you can feel relaxed and at ease.

with a good body and a good state of mind, life can be enjoyable.


tidy up the room

I wonder if you have found out?

living in a disorganized environment, people will become decadent.

but living in a clean and tidy room, people will become positive and optimistic.

A person's attitude towards life can be seen from the environment of his room.

when you are free, you can start tidying up your room, cleaning the house, tidying up things, and throwing away useless things.

tidying up the room is actually tidying up the heart and giving the soul a break.

Harvard Business School research shows that

successful people with a strong sense of happiness tend to be more able to organize, while unfortunate people usually live in chaos and dirt.

clean up your room and garbage regularly, and your life will be happier and happier.


reward yourself


is not easy. Remember to add some sugar to yourself to keep your life slightly sweet.

each time you accomplish a small goal, you can reward yourself with a small gift.

or a bouquet of flowers, a movie, a dress, a bag, a trip.

it doesn't matter what the gift is, what matters is a sense of ritual and an affirmation of your efforts.

most of the time, a small gift can make people happy all day.

make your life exquisite and ceremonial, and happiness will naturally come.


record your life

although there are chicken feathers in everyone's life, there is no lack of luck.

knowing how to keep a good record will bring warmth and hope to our lives.

recording the little things in life is not only a dialogue between us and our hearts, but also a process of self-knowledge.

when we use words or pictures to record every bit of life, leaving traces to life and leaving memories to beauty.

in many years' time, these records will also be the most precious gift we give ourselves.


go for a walk

the pace of life of modern people is getting faster and faster, and the pressure is also increasing.

in the face of fast-paced life, we should slow down.

go out more often when you have time, see the blue sky and white clouds, listen to the birds singing and breathe the fresh air.

youdao is: "if you steal a floating life for half a day, the taste of the world is Qinghuan."


in the busy gap between work and life, occasionally give yourself a holiday and throw yourself into the arms of nature.

it not only makes people feel calm, but also makes them feel better.

Bi Shumin said: "Happiness is not synchronized with wealth, status, prestige and marriage, it is just the feeling of your heart."

it is true.

whether a person is happy or not depends not on what he has, but on his own state of mind.

as long as you live with your heart and love well, happiness is very simple.

the rest of life is long, may you meet slowly, shallow joy, always gentle, always filled with tears.

Xiaoxiao, convey tenderness with fingertips and nourish the soul with words.

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